Availability, prices and booking
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Book a room at Hotel La Terrasse

How to book ?

Book your room in 3 clicks!

  1. First, you need to fill in your arrival and departure dates
  2. Then, you must specify the number of persons occupying the room
  3. Finally, you must click on the “Search” button to discover the rooms available during the period indicated, to discover the rates and to validate your reservation with an online payment.
  4. And if you want to book several rooms: Simply click on the “Add a room” link and follow the same procedure as before.

And if you arrive late, you can pre-book your cold dinner platters!

  1. While booking your room on line, you can also book cold platters amoung 3 choices
  2. Your dinner will wait for you in the fridge of your room
  3. Bon appétit !

Cheeses selection

Delicatessen & foie gras

Smoked salmon from “Le Borvo”